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New-age Ground Specific Earthing Solution

Our product range, manufacturing systems, supply network & customer support have earned us aposition at the top of the industry.

Who We Are

Yash Group Of Industries is an ISO cetified company and a chemical earthing manufacturing in Pune, providing maintenance free earthing solutions since 2002. With consistent focus on quality and customer satisfaction, we the Yash Group Of Industries have evolved as one of the fastest growing earthing solution provider in Maharashtra.

Earthing or grounding is the process of transferring the immediate discharge of electricity directly to the earth, by means of low resistance conductive material. In case of a short circuit due to leakages arising from weak insulation or damage, the grounding system safely removes excess electricity and passes it on to the ground.

A good earthing system should provide low ground resistance and impedance to the fault current by means of a high conductive material. The conductive element should be able to withstand high fault current and have a long life.

Yash Groups Earthing electrodes are designed to safely dissipate high magnitude fault current safely to the ground. Our electrodes are manufactured from superior quality galvanized steel pipes/ copper bonded pipes which are extreamly roboust and have long lasting life. Our backfill compound is highly conductive, hygroscopic, non magnetic and non corrosive in nature and have best moisture retaining qualities which helps in reducing soil resitance and generating a low resistance zone around the electrode.

Our earthing system is certified by Central Power and Research Institute (CPRI), National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration (NABL) and Ristriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS).

Working with 6 core values: 1. Timely delivery 2. Tansperancy 3. Team work 4. Technology 5. Responsibility and 6. Honesty we are able to retain confidence of all of our renowned clients.

Our Earthing Electrodes & Mineral Filling Compound have earned it?s reputation in the field of Electrical, is being used as a protector of human life and safety for valuable equipments. Hence almost all users of our product are placing repeated orders and are proud to reveal their satisfaction to the fellow users.

Earthing is the foundation of Electricity usage but is being neglected grossly. Even though we have developed a far superior quality Earthing following IS 3043: 1987 still we are finding difficult to change the users from traditional earthing to this advanced method.

We offer most competitive prices and unmatched services with a sound and a very strong dealership network throughout the country . Our presence is Marked in Each and every State. Our clients/customers database has witnessed a tremendous surge, which strongly reflects the unparalleled commitment and a boost to our relentless drive towards continuous research and development, quality control and our confidence levels have touched a new height in the hope that we shall be continuously winning and delivering trust and safety for many more decades to come.

Why Yash Earthing Solution

Our experience in the industry has evolved us into an expert in designing most accurate, cost-effective and reliable, customized solution for requirements.

Timely Delivery

It’s our essential function of company that our team deliver products on time in order to keep your company efficient and effective.


The products offered by us are made as per desired International and National standards with the help of latest world class technologies.


We operating in a way that creates openness between us and our clients.” This type of openness between Yash group and clients creates trust and leads to a successful business.


We at The Yash Earthing Solution Pune being responsible, answerable, or accountable for each and every queries related with our delivered products.

Team Work

We implement collective effort of each and every team member to achieve our assigned goal with healthy competition to accomplish our product delivery on time.


We have created a culture built on honesty, you also help foster workplace behavior and activity that is consistent regardless of external influences.

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