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We are among the pioneers in the industry for manufacturing and trading Back Fill Compound. The offered compound is added to soil surrounding earthing electrode for absorption of moisture and prevention of leakage of current through earthing systems for ensuring safety in residential, commercial and industrial sectors.


Know why Yash Earthing is Best in Back Fill Compound

If a structure has electricity running through it, it needs to be earthed or channeled through the ground to avoid damage to the property and any appliance that may be in use. Buildings, houses, or any structure with electrical equipment are prone to unwanted electrical malfunctions that might affect the people present. Electrical systems are earthed so that any electrical current flowing gets channelized to the ground to prevent unnecessary harm to life and property. It is a safety measure.

Now, earthing cannot be done in any soil. Depending on the soil’s makeup where the project is, you will need to either maintain or increase the level of moisture in the ground for optimal earthing results. Now here comes the question of choosing the suitable earthing backfill compound comes into play.

Bentonite clay gets generally used as earthing backfill material with different compositions of other materials. Many other kinds of salts also get used. Essentially a backfilling compound increases the moisture content of the soil in and around the electrodes to ensure proper earthing.

Know why Yash Earthing is Best in Back Fill Compound

Yash Earthing has been a significant force field in the earthing systems with high-quality products that conform to the latest government quality. You can consult our experts to get your soil tested for its moisture content and choose from our advanced backfill compound accordingly. We are committed to providing the best services to our clients at all times.



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The Excavated soil is suitable as a backfill but should be sieved to removeany large stones, plastic or debris and placed around the electrode takingcare to ensure that it is well compacted. Material like sand,salt,coke breeze, cinders and ash shall not be used because of its acidic and corrosive nature.