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Copper and GI Strip

A spike Lightning Protection Rod is a single component in a spike Lightning Protection System. To protect a home or building in the event of lightning, a metal conductor is mounted on the top of the building and electrically connected to the earth through a wire which is known as conventional lightning rod or spike Arrester.

While Choosing Copper GI Strip, Choose Yash Earthing ?

The earthing wires are essentially made from the best quality copper or galvanized iron used in various electrical, electronic, and automobile instruments. They are made from top-quality galvanized metals that provide high durability and excellent shock resistance.

Copper or galvanized iron strips using galvanized iron and copper strips in many industrial applications are their dual properties of high thermal and excellent electrical conductivity, making them suitable for various purposes like automobile industries and construction. They are also cost-effective and can be used for a variety of purposes

Why use Yash Earthing copper and GI strips?

Yash Earthing has been a significant force field in the earthing systems with high-quality products that conform to the latest government quality. Our GI and copper strips are made following the latest norms using up-to-date technologies with guidance from an extremely experienced set of engineers.

We are ISO-Certified and We Provide the Best Services

We are an ISO-certified firm committed to providing the best services for your earthing system products. We have a wide product range to choose from, and our experienced personnel will help you with the selection process. We are committed to providing cost-effective quality solutions to your earthing system problems

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