Exothermic welding earthing rod

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Welding electrodes are used in all types of manufacturing jobs like automobiles and construction, among others. The welding rod has an outer flux coating that protects the metal from damage, stabilizes the arc, creates a weld pool, and improves the weld. Electrodes are used to create an electric arc by joining two pieces of metal together. The two metals heat and melt, fusing in a stronger bond. The exothermic welding earthing rods can be of various types, and each serves a specific purpose and function.

At Yash Earthing, you can choose from a wide variety of welding rods based on your own needs. We manufacture various welding rods based on the type of steel used and the kind of work done.

At Yash earthing solution, we develop exothermic welding rods under expert supervision while considering all the government authorities’ safety measures. We have a high focus on the safety of workers as well as customers. Thus we maintain product quality while taking care of your unique requirements. With our experienced personnel’s help, you can choose from premium quality welding rods based on your needs. We are an ISO-certified firm committed to providing the best services according to your needs.