Spike Lightning Arrester

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Spike Lightning Arrester Specification

Develop by Expert

We at Yash earthing solution develop spike lightning arrestor under experts supervision with highly focusing on safety of workers as well as customer.

Follow Market Norms

We design the spike lightning arrestor by following guideline and norms assigned by respective authorities and compliance with govt norms.

Maintenance free

Yash earthing solution Pune supply spike lightning arrestor in Pune is maintenance free, no need to spend money on repetitive work while installation.

Corrosion resistant

Spike lightning arrestor is a highly advanced product, which is based on global technology and provides superior resistance against oxidation. The thickness of copper on the copper bonded earthing electrode is 100 / 250 micronit ensures long product life.

High Quality Material

Spike Lightning Arrestor manufacture and Supply in pune with the help of high quality materials and scientific specification for respective product.

High Strength

spike lightning arrestor designed b Yash earthing have hifh strength because of high quality materials and experts supervision.

Cost effective

Its uniformly coated thickness ensures stable performance, making it a cost effective option for users. We offer spike lightning arrestor with best price in Pune.

Excellent conductivity

With the electrical conductivity of 20%, our copper bonded earth electrode has excellent electrical capability. It our dissipate fault current effectively. Our copper bonded earth electrode can be used widely to ground building and foundation on any change of soil temperature, humidity, PH value etc

How can Spike Lightning Arrester Help You?

A spike lightning conductor is a metal rod or conductor that’s mounted on top of a building. Moreover, it electrically connected to the ground through a wire. At times one also uses the earthing copper strips to protect the building in the event of a lightning strike. The lightning that strikes the building goes straight to the ground and doesn’t cause harm to the building.

Spike Lightning arrestors have a pointed end or spikes which have a minimal surface area. The smaller surface area attracts charges from the atmosphere quickly. Thus the spike acts as the charged end, which has a very high charge density that can attract the lightning easily, preventing it from striking any other part of the building and thus protecting it in case of lightning strikes.

Why use Yash Earthing lightning arrestors?

Yash Earthing has been a significant force field in the earthing and lightning arrestor systems with high-quality products that conform to the latest government quality. You can choose from a premium-quality lightning arrestor system based on your building’s needs with our experienced personnel’s help. We are an ISO-certified firm committed to providing the best services for your earthing system products. We have a wide product range to choose from, keeping in mind the unique soil types and rock compositions of the place you live in. We follow proper safety norms while manufacturing our products, keeping in mind our consumers’ and workers’ safety.

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