The  process  of  transferring  the  immediate  discharge  of electrical energy to the ground using a low resistance Earth wire is  known as  electrical  grounding/ Electrical Earthing. Electrical  Earthing is accomplished  by  attaching  the  ground  to  the  non-conductive  part  of  the  equipment  or  the  neutral  of  the power system. Installation  of  each building, equipment, power  plant,Solar Power plant, MSEB substation  involved  in  electricity  requires  grounding directly or through a grounding system. The main purpose of earthing in electrical networks is security. But when  the neutral of a  system is not  connected to the earth,it will be known as an electrical system without the earthing

Galvanized  iron Rod  is  used  for  grounding..  The earthing provides the simple path to the leakage current and fault  current in  the system.The earthing provides the simple path to the leakage current and fault current in the system. The short-circuit  current of  the equipment passes  to  the earth which  is  assumed  to  have  zero  potential.  This  protects system  equipment  and  personnel  working  with  it  from damage and electric shock. Electrical system with earthing Grounding is unlikely to reduce the total amplitude of the overvoltage produced by  switching power  or overvoltage, but  it  can,  however,  reduce  the  possibility  of  excessive voltage at phase-to-earth isolation of a particular phase.

Earth pit is a pit in which connection is made between Earthing Electrodes that have been placed inside the  soil  and  the  Earthing  conductor that  connects  the electrical installation.    The  construction  procedure  of  an  earth  pit  and  may  vary  from  country  to  country according to the standards followed in that country. The rating of Galvanized Iron (GI) plate, size of pit, materials used to fill the pit etc. will vary depending on various factors of earthing

    • Avaliable in standard size 50x1Mtr,50x2Mtr, 50x3Mtr, 80×1 Mtr, 80×2 Mtr, 80×3 Mtr
    • Tested by our quality control in order to dispatch flawless range at client end
Features –
    • Used 100% copper for long life.
    • Low maintenance on site.
    • Easy & Fast Installation.
    • Designed for fast fault current Dissipation.1

Avaliable in standard size 50x1Mtr, 50x2Mtr, 50x3Mtr, 80×1 Mtr, 80×2 Mtr 80x3Mtr

  • Hot dip galvanised for corrosion protection.
  • Designed for fast fault current dissipation
  • Easy & fast installation at site

YASH Copper Bonded Earth Rod

  • Avaliable in all range 14.2MM x 1Mtr, 17.2MMx 1Mtr, 19MMx 1Mtr, 25MM x1Mtr
  • Based on Globally accepted technology
  • Stable performance due to uniform coating.
  • Superior resistance to oxidation

YASH Power Premium Quality back fill compound

  • We are pioneers in manufacturers & Dealers In Back fill compound
  • Compound is added with soil around the electrode to absorb moisture & leakage current
  • Due to conductive material improve soil resistivity
  • No Maintenance & long life
  • No need to add water time to time
  • Available in 2kg, 5Kg, 15Kg, 25Kg
Conventional LA

A Spike Lighting Protection Rod is a single component in a spike Lighting Protection System. Mounted on top of the Building

  • Pure Copper Spike Lighting arrester -1.2 Mtr
  • Copper bonded Solid Lighting Arrester – 1.2 Mtr
  • Hollow copper Spike Lighting Arrester – 1.2 Mtr
  • Spike Lighting Arrester – 1.2 Mtr
Earth Pit Cover
  • Available in 3 Size – 6”  10”  12”
  • Available in Square & Round Shape RCC

Copper & GI Strip

  • GI & Copper Earthing strip available in standard size 25 x 3mm, 25x6mm, 32x6mm, 40x6mm, 50x3mm etc
  • Accurate Dimension
  • Effective conductivity.
  • Easy Installation

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